Location and Proximity driven experiences for brands and consumers
Locate Context Intent
The Fetchon Advantage
  • Location and geo fence based solutions for advertising and marketing
    Communicate with precision based on real-time location information using geo-targeted proximity solutions from Fetchon. Combine the power of audience insights and mobile context to deliver personalized content.
  • Location and geo fence based solutions for Brands and Retails
    Brands & Retailers
    Enhance in-store experiences and increase brand recall by using location APIs from Fetchon. Maximize foot falls with contextual call-to-action and seamlessly drive Offline-to-Online and Online-to-Offline conversions.
  • Location and geo fence based solutions for mCommerce and mPayments
    mCommerce & mPayments
    Fetchon provides a scalable cloud-based location solution to mCommerce and mPayments players to deliver tightly integrated, technology agnostic geo-trageted offers to consumers at the right time, right place.
  • Hospitality
    Delight your guests with contextual experiences based on mobile context and real-time geo targeted communication as they approach or explore your property. Increase loyalty, brand value and customer engagement.
  • Location and geo fence based solutions forAirlines and Airports
    Deliver engaging experiences at airports by integrating with the contextual and location-based engine from Fetchon that enables in-the-moment communication with passengers and visitors at the airport.
  • Location and geo fence based solutions for Banking and Financial Services
    Financial Services
    Include real-time location solutions from Fetchon in your mobile engagement strategy to define powerful and precise geo-fence based campaigns based on audience location, insights and data.
  • Location and geo fence based solutions for Sports and Media
    Sports & Media
    Create interactivity and buzz with your brand by integrating with the location platform from Fetchon and deliver contextual, real-time and precise proximity and event-specific content to patrons.
  • Location and geo fence based solutions for Education
    With quick and easy integration to Fetchon, increase attendance and participation of stakeholders in the education sector with real-time and intelligent location positioning and proximity-based content.
  • Location and geo fence based solutions for Safety and Security
    Safety & Security
    Add safety and security features around your property and/or near and dear ones. Take advantage of the multiple sources of real-time location that you can easily integrate with Fetchon Location APIs.

Design Thinking In Motion. Keeping you in mind
Scale & Simplicity. Leave the complexity to the experts
  • 24/7 High Availability
    High Availability
    Deliver delight by enabling more meaningful and engaging conversations with your consumers. Connect with Fetchon and experience world-class, trusted and secure location-powered service that offers best-of-class SLAs.
  • Location and geo fence based context
    As a Brand, focus on that moment when a consumer is most receptive to hearing from you. Integrate with Fetchon and overlay location information with consumer data to deliver contextual content at the right place, right time!
  • Different Location Technologies
    Disparate Technologies
    Why spend time, effort and money trying to integrate with disparate technology platforms and providers when you can connect to a single, light-weight and intelligent platform and APIs from Fetchon?
  • Intuitive Design
    Intuitive Design
    Whether you are at your desk or on-the-move, configure location-powered campaigns in a breeze and keep a track of how well your campaigns are performing in real-time. Designed to Delight!
  • Real-Time location and context Analytics
    Real-time Analytics
    Rely on the Fetchon platform and APIs to provide instant and predictive 360-degree views of contextual location insights with the powerful analytics engine that comes in-built with the proximity suite.
  • GPS Beacon Wi-fi Operator based Location Sources
    Multiple Location Sources
    Let Fetchon perform the heavy-lifting of integrating different sources of location. Be it GPS based location or mobile-operator based location or anything in between - Beacons, WiFi, Social Media.
  • Smartphones and Feature phones
    Device Agnostic
    Connect with Fetchon and extend your Brand's reach by leveraging unconventional sources of location like mobile operator-based information to deliver programmatic & audience-intelligent content across device types.
  • RESTful JSON Location and Geo APIs
    Unified APIs
    Integrating with location-based services just got easier! Reduce development cycles by integrating with industry-standard RESTful location APIs from Fetchon. Reach out to us for a test drive!
  • Compliance
    We take compliance extremely seriously. At the core of Fetchon is industry-standard encryption at all levels of transmission and storage of data. Compliance is not an option but a credo at Fetchon.

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